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How wilderness can save us from climate and extinction catastrophe

Wilderness is back in the headlines with an op-ed by Northeast Wilderness Trust in the Portland Press Herald.

Preserved by Northeast Wilderness Trust in 2007, the old-growth ecosystem of Maine’s Howland Forest is teaching scientists around the globe about the exceptional climate stabilizing impacts of Wild Nature.

By now you’ve probably heard the term, “Natural Climate Solutions,” a phrase that has been championed by Greta Thunberg, Bill McKibben, and other celebrities of the climate movement. The term has been applied to the variety of ways that Mother Nature can lead us to a cleaner, greener future if we just let it do what it does best: sequester carbon from the atmosphere, purify water and air, and provide refuge for the species with whom we share Planet Earth.

The reality, as Northeast Wilderness Trust Executive Director Jon Leibowitz explains in an op-ed in Friday’s Portland Press Herald, is that Natural Climate Solutions is simply a new name for a very old concept: allow Wild Nature to thrive and the benefits are many fold. We call it wilderness.

Simply put, there is no more effective, affordable, rapidly scalable, and low-tech solution to address the climate and extinction crises than to expand forever-wild preservation across the globe, starting right here in the Northeast.

Northeastern wildlands can be the lungs of a healthier planet and bastions of biodiversity if we choose to protect them today, but there must be renewed public enthusiasm and commensurate philanthropic support. The intentional act of setting aside such places is one of humility and acceptance that we cannot and should not control everything, everywhere. In return, we will be rewarded with the natural climate solutions that wilderness offers.


Jon Leibowitz, Executive Director of Northeast Wilderness Trust in an op-ed in the Portland Press Herald.

Click here to continue reading the op-ed. And thanks for #KeepingItWild.


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