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20 Years of Wild

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Northeast Wilderness Trust. Our motto to celebreate 20 years of wilderness conservation is We Are One of Many. This simple adage expresses humanity’s humble, interdependent connection with nature and honors the diverse, beautiful, other-than-human web of life. As NEWT rounds the corner into our third decade, we dedicate this year to the knowledge that we, as humans, are but one of many autonomous species deserve to survive and thrive on planet Earth.

You’ve picked a great year to donate to NEWT! With your gift in 2022, you’ll receive our special edition 20th anniversary sticker (pictured above), designed by Kelly Finan.

Thanks to our wonderful community of supporters, total protected acres in 2021 amounted to 11,795. We are thrilled to report that this was our most successful year for wilderness conservation! Click here to see the successes that wilderness supporters made possible last year.

In celebration, we are planning projects and hosting events; stay tuned for more announcements by signing up for our monthly Enewsletter, the Wild Times. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for stories, photos, quizzes, and fun facts celebrating the more-than-human realm.

We look forward to celebrating the 20th year with you and are excited for many more years of wild!

Photo collage: Autumn scene over river by Jerry Monkman/Ecophotography | Rewilding Photo Point at Eagle Mountain by Chronolog | Snow covered Woodbury Mountain by Sophi Veltrop | Turkey tracks by Hannah Epstein | Kiosk group photo by Sophi Veltrop | Redington aerial shot by Harry White | Downed tree at Muddy Pond by Joe Falconeiri | Berries and ferns by Shelby Perry | Hanging sign on tree by Paul Willis | Kiosk construction by Sophi Veltrop | Salamander by Shelby Perry | Autumn trees by Jerry Monkman/Ecophotography