Northeast Wilderness Trust allows hunting of abundant prey species (with some restrictions) by permission on several of the properties we own. The permission process is quick, easy, and all online through the form below.

If you are unable to complete the online process for any reason, you may click here to download and print the application form. Please mail your completed form to: Northeast Wilderness Trust, 17 State Street, Suite 302, Montpelier VT 05602. If you are still unable to apply for permission using either of the above options, you may call us at 802.224.1000 ext. 109 and request a paper copy of our hunting regulations and permission. When requesting paper copies please do so at least 3 weeks prior your planned hunting trip to allow sufficient processing time.

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  1. Non-toxic shot/bullets are required for all hunting. No lead shot/bullets allowed.
  2. Predator hunting is forbidden, and hunters agree not to hunt black bear, bobcat, coyotes, fisher, mink, fox, or any other predator species on the property.
  3. Trapping, baiting, blinds, tree stands, or structures of any kind are strictly prohibited on NEWT property.
  4. The use of motorized and mechanized vehicles (including ATV’s, dirt-bikes, bicycles, etc.) on the property is prohibited.
  5. Hounding or the use of dogs to chase wildlife is prohibited. Pointing, directing, and flushing dogs for game bird hunting are permitted. (All dogs are prohibited on Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve in Atkinson, ME.)
  6. Cutting of vegetation or trees for any reason is prohibited. Hunters found to have cleared shooting lines or trails will have their permission revoked, and will be expected to reimburse NEWT for the value of the trees cut at landscape appraisal rates.
  7. Random shooting or target practice is prohibited.
  8. No commercial hunting or guide services.
  9. Trail/game camera use by the public, including hunters, is prohibited.
  10. Hunters assume all liability and responsibility for all of their actions and inactions while on NEWT land.
  11. Hunters agree to always conduct themselves in a safe, legal, and ethical way.

Hunting Permission Form

Preserves with Hunting by Permission

If you would like a map of the property/properties you’ll be hunting on please email Hannah Epstein, Stewardship Manager, at hannah @