Green Guarantee & Donor Bill of Rights

Green Guarantee

Northeast Wilderness Trust stands for standing trees! That’s why donors can count on our Green Guarantee, which promises that your money is going to an organization that strives to be as sustainable and low impact as possible.

  • Northeast Wilderness Trust publications, mailings, and other outreach materials are printed on post-consumer 100% recycled paper. When 100% recycled options are not available, we find the most environmentally friendly alternative possible.
  • All paper products used at the office (yes—even toilet paper) are post-consumer recycled.
  • All cleaning products used at the office are environmentally safe and biodegradable.
  • Whenever possible, staff use video conferencing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from travel.
  • Northeast Wilderness Trust’s long-term investments have been completely divested from the fossil fuel industry.
  • Our website (yes, this one!) is hosted by an eco-friendly platform, reducing its carbon footprint.

What is the impact of our paper choice?

  • For illustrative purposes, using a ton of Ancient Forest Friendly-certified paper (approximately two years of business-as-usual at Northeast Wilderness Trust) saves 17 trees, 16,399 gallons of water, 1,678 pounds of solid waste, and 5,512 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Ancient Forest Friendly-certified paper is considered the highest standard in the industry. Northeast Wilderness Trust goes beyond Ancient Forest Friendly-certified paper with its 100% recycled commitment.

Northeast Wilderness Trust is always looking to expand the Green Guarantee. If you have ideas for how we can reduce our carbon footprint, contact us at info |at|

Donor Bill of Rights

At Northeast Wilderness Trust, we believe we hold a responsibility to our donors, who make it possible for us to fulfill our mission of rewilding the Northeast for nature and people. As a donor you have rights, which we hold in the highest regard. When making a donation, you can rest assured that Northeast Wilderness Trust respects your privacy and adheres to A Donor’s Bill of Rights.