Our Commitment

The Wilderness Trust’s Commitment to a Just and Equitable World

Northeast Wilderness Trust believes that social, economic, and environmental issues are inextricably linked.  We recognize that valuing, embracing, and promoting cultural diversity is essential to protecting biological diversity and a wild Earth, which benefits all life.  Discrimination has no place within the conservation field or within society at large.

As an organization, Northeast Wilderness Trust values and is committed to promoting both biological and cultural diversity.  We welcome, embrace, and respect a diversity of people, identities, abilities, and cultures within our organization.  More broadly, we believe that a diverse wilderness movement is a more effective and durable wilderness movement.

Northeast Wilderness Trust:

  • Rejects all forms of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation;
  • Lives by our ‘Staff Values,’ which seek inclusivity and a healthy, welcoming work environment;
  • Pursues diversity in recruitment and hiring;
  • Has transparency in recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, and compensation;
  • Ensures our Wilderness Preserves and Wilderness Sanctuaries are welcoming to all;
  • Fosters an organizational culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally at a policy level, and externally, with whom we partner with.

Northeast Wilderness Trust is committed to a just and equitable world—for humans and all other species—and will regularly reevaluate its efforts to achieve such a future.