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267 Acres Added to Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve

Northeast Wilderness Trust purchased the 267-acre Ames property, expanding the Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve in Atkinson, Maine. With this addition, this Preserve now totals more than 7,000 forever-wild acres encompassing wetlands, forest, streams, and river frontage. Alder Stream is the Wilderness Trust’s “Ambassador Preserve” for the state of Maine. Ambassador Preserves serve as a flagship wild landscape for each Northeastern state, and are more accessible areas for people to enjoy and learn about wild places.

The Ames Addition protects frontage along Alder Stream itself, the namesake of the Preserve. Just like the rest of the Preserve, this newly forever-wild parcel is open to quiet, on-foot visits by people such as hiking, bird-watching, snowshoeing, nature study, and hunting and fishing by permission. Motorized and mechanized vehicles are prohibited.

As wilderness, the Ames property will never be logged or developed; it will remain an unmanaged forest in perpetuity and will be afforded the freedom to grow into an old, ancient forest in the decades and centuries to come.

The acquisition of the Ames Addition was made possible with support from Sweet Water Trust.