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A Birdseye View of Binney Pond

The historic Wapack Trail stretches for 21.5 miles from North Pack Monadnock, in New Hampshire, down to Mount Watatic in Massachusetts. A beloved landmark on the trail is the iconic Binney Pond Overlook. Situated on land that is protected as forever-wild with a Northeast Wilderness Trust easement, the rocky outcrop is a perfect place to pause and take in the view of Binney Pond below. Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve, also protected by the Wilderness Trust, stretches over 535 acres to the south of the pond, protecting some of its southern shoreline and wetlands. We are currently working to expand this Preserve with the Steel Addition; click here to learn more.

Thanks to volunteer George Carmichael, you can take a virtual tour of the overlook and Binney Pond. Watch the full video below!

You can see more of George’s videos on his YouTube Channel.