Covid-19 Update from the Executive Director

Due to the public health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, all staff are now working remotely, and have elected to cancel upcoming events through the end of May. We are reachable by phone at 802.224.1000 (leave us a voicemail and we’ll respond within one business day) or by email at info[at]; please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are all continuing to work hard to protect the wild places that we need now more than ever. We wish you and your families and communities the best of health and spirits through these unprecedented times. Below is a message from our Executive Director, Jon Leibowitz:

“We are living in radical times. If you keep up with Northeast Wilderness Trust, you know that the dual crises of climate chaos and biodiversity collapse have been at the forefront of our minds and actions for a number of years now. Well, now you are very likely reading this while self-quarantining and/or social distancing. Radical times, indeed.

It’s likely that the global pandemic stems from the illegal and often legal trafficking of wildlife and the interconnected issue of global habitat destruction. You can read more about the wildlife links to COVID here.

In trying times, I am reminded of one of the most prescient quotes in American history, “In Wildness is the preservation of the world.” More than ever, we need more wild forests to heal our planet, and ourselves. I am ever-grateful that you are on this journey with us as we work to rewild the Northeast.

Amidst all this, I keep returning to my anchor: wilderness. Last month we completed a critical addition to the Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve in southern New Hampshire. We continue to move forward on a number of exciting initiatives: we aim to announce some big conservation acquisitions in the upcoming months, we will soon launch a new website, and we continue pursuing new large-scale wilderness projects.

The Wilderness Trust closed our offices last week and we are all working from home. We have also elected to cancel and/or postpone all events through the end of May, including Untrammeled in Norfolk, CT. We’ll keep you updated as we reschedule.

I hope that you can get outside and enjoy some time in the woods, a local park, or along your street. There is no tonic like fresh air, trees, and the sights and sounds of spring. If you want to double down on your impact and help ensure that wilderness conservation continues to expand in the Northeast, I encourage you to join our Forever-Wild Circle with a monthly gift. You can read more about the Circle below and a special gift you’ll receive if you join.

Best of health to you and your families. Stay Wild!”