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Northeast Wilderness Trust 17 State Street, Montpelier

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Why Wilderness?

Northeast Wilderness Trust invites you to join us for a critical conversation on rewilding the Northeast for a brighter future. This event will happen virtually over Zoom, and will feature Professor Susan Masino of Trinity College, Jon Leibowitz and Mark Anderson of Northeast Wilderness Trust, and Amy Blaymore Paterson of Connecticut Land Conservation Coalition. Please register to attend at

Say Yes to Wilderness and Forestry: Making Climate-smart Choices

As part of Land Trust Alliance's 2020 Rally, which will be held virtually, Northeast Wilderness Trust will present in tandem with New England Forestry Foundation about the complementary strategies of wildlands and woodlands conservation. The long debate between leaving forests in a natural, undisturbed condition versus managing them to provide wood products is as relevant […]

Saying Yes to Wildlands AND Woodlands

Virtual event via Zoom Tuesday, December 15 4:00–5:30 PM Hosted by Highstead Foundation, Northeast Wilderness Trust, New England Forestry Foundation, and Harvard Forest of Harvard University Free – Click here to register (Required to attend)   How can New England best protect its forests as the region sits at the precipice of climate change, biodiversity […]

Mark Anderson: Wild Carbon

Deepen your understanding of how forests interact with the atmosphere, and discover the powerful role of protecting wild forests in the race against climate chaos.


Sue Morse: Meet an Old-Growth Forest

Ecologist and professional tracker Sue Morse will guide participants through the characteristics that set apart old-growth forests from their younger counterparts. We'll start with the structure of an old forest, from large trees to standing snags to abundant downed and decaying wood, and look at how those features support plants, fungi, and wildlife.


Tom Butler: Rewilding: Past, Present & Future

Rewilding is often thought of as the act of giving the land back to wildlife, and wildlife back to the land. Tom Butler will give a brief history of the rewilding movement, take a look at where the movement stands now, and cast a glance into the future to consider where an eco-centric path forward might take us.

Chris Schadler: Coyotes of the Northeast

As one of the few predators still present and successful in the Northeastern landscape, coyotes are an important feature of local and native ecosystems. Chris Schadler, a researcher and advocate for coyotes, will present on the population dynamics of coyotes, their past and present range, and their behavior, habits, and group dynamics.