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Meet Chuck Dinsmore, a Forever-Wild Circle member

The Forever-Wild Circle of monthly donors generously support Northeast Wilderness Trust throughout the year. Sustainable, ongoing monthly support allows us to take on bigger and more ambitious conservation goals, helping us to accelerate our work to create a wilder future for the Northeast.

We chatted with one of our valued Forever-Wild Circle members, Chuck Dinsmore, to learn more about his love of wild places and why he is a Forever-Wild Circle member.

“I found out about the work NEWT [Northeast Wilderness Trust] was doing through my involvement with the MidCoast Conservancy in my home state of Maine. They introduced me to a number of organizations, but NEWT really caught my attention. The commitment to forever wild struck me because, with my continued evolution, it has become a critical factor in how I think we need to deal with the climate crisis,” Chuck, said. Much of Chuck’s passion for conservation comes from the writings of his friend, Janet McMahon, a consulting ecologist, as well as Mark Anderson, NEWT’s Board President, who together have shaped his way of thinking over the decades. “In particular, the partnership with The Wildlands Project and other conservation organizations inspire me to place an emphasis on forever-wild properties—that’s really important to me as well.”

Chuck on the trail

Chuck is a biologist by training and much of his research was in regeneration. “It has become increasingly urgent that we address the climate crisis. I have two children and two grandchildren and an ongoing concern of mine is whether they will have a habitable planet in the future. As Mark Anderson wrote, we have already gone over the tipping point and need to act fast.

Chuck grew up in small town Maine and has been passionate about nature since his early days. He tries to visit as many NEWT preserves as possible in his spare time. “I like to get out on the trails to help manage them, meet visitors, particularly new climate refugees and introduce them to Maine and the work NEWT and the other organizations I’m involved with perform.” Hiking and biking are two of his favorite outdoor past times and he spends as much time in the wild as he can. “It’s not as easy as it used to be for me to get out, but I still try to get on the trails a few miles every day. I do some cross-country skiing if we get a good Maine winter,” Chuck shared.

Forever-Wild Circle members like Chuck are making a difference each and every month for wild places and the wildlife who call them home. Chuck added, “we are a part of nature, not the dominion that we have awarded ourselves. That was the culture I grew up with in the 1940’s which often stands today. It’s time to reverse that thinking process.”

If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join the Forever-Wild Circle today! Click here to join. You can help sustain Northeast Wilderness Trust’s work throughout the year. And, as a thank you, we will send you a limited-edition, sustainably sourced, and printed bandana to highlight your generous support.