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In Solidarity

Northeast Wilderness Trust stands in solidarity with those fighting for equal justice for black lives and other marginalized communities around the world. Black Lives Matter. Many might wonder what civil rights has to do with wilderness and conservation. The answer is—a lot.

At its very core, wilderness conservation is a commitment to freedom—for the creatures at home there, and for the natural processes that produce integrity, beauty, and diversity. Such a reverence for freedom doesn’t end with nature. All creatures (two-legged, four-legged, feathered, finned or leafy) deserve to thrive free from harassment and threat. Northeast Wilderness Trust envisions a world where both wild landscapes and human communities flourish, together. Racism runs counter to this vision.

Northeast Wilderness Trust resists racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression. We hear you and we will continue to listen to the important conversations happening here and around the world. We will also look inward at our own privilege and examine how our organization can directly and effectively be the change makers we must be. We will do so while acknowledging and asking the tough questions that surround the history of the conservation movement as it relates to racism, exclusion, and displacement. As an organization, we are committing ourselves to a process of learning, reflection, and action. We can change things, and we must.

For the Wild,

Jon Leibowitz, Executive Director