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Syncopations by Kathleen Kremins: A New Poem Inspired by Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve

Writing the Land seeks “to honor nature and our relationship with it in a way that is as equitable and transparent as it is deep and entangled.” As a participant in this program, NEWT is privileged to see forever-wild preserves paired with poets. We are now thrilled to share one of the poems from this collaborative project. Written by Kathleen Kremins, “Syncopations” explores Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve through luscious, sensitive verse.

A photo of blooming New England Boneset.

In the center of the suburbs in Kingston, MA, Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve offers a wild refuge for nature, wildlife, and people. Northeast Wilderness Trust established the Preserve in 2018, and has been working to rewild the land and connect students and residents with wilderness. The Preserve is about a half-hour south of Boston, and sits at the northernmost reaches of the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecosystem. This forest type is globally rare, and found only in New Jersey, Long Island, and Southeastern Massachusetts and its islands.


by Kathleen Kremins

Lines in this poem want

to wail and sail, loud as wood

frogs, forage deep into

stanzas of bonesets

the rhythm syncopated

as sprawling as a

trailing arbutus, flower

and language divine, summer

scrawls, palimpsests, traces

Plymouth gentians, syllabics

seven pink pronouncements.

New England boneset and Plymouth gentian flowers by Joe Falconeiri | Water lily with bee by Natalia Boltukhova