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New Trailhead Sign Showcases Muddy Pond’s Ecosystem

Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve now welcomes the public to the trailhead with a beautiful, handmade kiosk and illustrated interpretive sign! Northeast Wilderness Trust worked with scientific illustrator and graphic designer Kelly Finan to spotlight the globally-rare ecosystem of Muddy Pond. The scene showcases some of the Preserve’s most special species, while inviting visitors to treat this sensitive and biodiverse landscape with care and respect. The brand new sign is housed within a long-lasting timberframe kiosk built from New England oak, pine, and cedar by TimberHomes Vermont. A visitor register will help us track trail use over time. We welcome you to explore the trails of Muddy Pond in Kingston, MA to experience the unique habitats of the Pine Barrens and an Atlantic Coastal Plain Pond.