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Best of Rewilding Earth 2019

Each year, our friends at the Rewilding Institute publish an anthology of their website’s best essays, poetry, and prose. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the team was able to publish their “Best of 2019” book, chock full of inspiration that we could all use now more than ever.

The introduction to the anthology reads:

“Despite these anxious times about the fate of the wild and all life on Earth, we believe despair is not an option. It’s true, there are too many humans who want too much stuff, cause too much destruction, and believe with too little humility that economic growth and technology will solve all their problems, and they do pose serious existential threats.

Now that we are facing a world-wide pandemic with no rational national leadership, we must be even more alert to short- and long-range effects to our natural world. Public lands continue to be targeted while much of the public is isolated and distracted. We will have to change our strategy and tactics to address this toxic combination of threats, and in this collection from Rewilding Earth you will read about projects to defend wild nature that offer cause for hope and inspiration.”

Cover art by Steven Kellogg

The 2019 edition features works of wilderness advocates like author Eileen Crist, poet Gary Lawless, and conservationist Dave Foreman. And you’ll find wide representation by the Northeast Wilderness Trust family, including: