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Rewilding from Local to Global

Grand, aspirational ideas can become reality through myriad small actions. Democratic governance at a national scale, for example, depends upon millions of individual decisions by citizens.

Likewise, conserving at least half of Earth in interconnected systems of protected natural areas will come to life through the grassroots, bottom-up actions of people, groups, and communities. Acre by acre, parcel by parcel, rewilding happens when people who love the land work together to create the conditions in which nature may rebound.

Acts of ecological citizenship are available to almost everyone. This work manifests in habitat set aside for shy and sensitive wildlife to be free and secure; in initiatives to restore missing species or strengthen natural processes; in movements to grant legal personhood to nature; and in conversations that open hearts and minds to the promise of rewilding.

Northeast Wilderness Trust’s participation in international conservation frameworks such as the Nature Needs Half network and the Global Alliance for Rewilding is not merely lip service. Our tangible, on-the-ground successes demonstrate how engaged citizens can advance the cause of beauty, resilience, and integrity in a particular place, thus benefiting people and all our wild kin in the community of life.

This article was first published in Northeast Wilderness Trust’s 2020 Annual Report. Click to read the full report.

Photography: American Three-Toed Woodpecker, Larry Master | Adirondack mountains in winter by Brendan Wiltse