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New Rewilding Photo Points at Alder Stream and Eagle Mountain

Two of our Ambassador Preserves have new Chronolog Rewilding PhotoPoints, Eagle Mountain (NY) and Alder Stream (ME).

At each PhotoPoint, visitors can use their mobile devices to snap a picture at the photo deck. Photos are then sent, per instructions, to Chronolog and compiled into a catalogue for the site.

Chronolog is a citizen science project which documents changes to rewilding natural areas. It produces a time lapse of photos that show seasonal and ecological changes over time. This platform offers a unique way for visitors to engage with forever-wild landscapes.

Hannah Epstein, Stewardship Coordinator, and Joe Falconeiri, Southern New England Land Steward, assemble the PhotoPoint at Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve.

Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve

Installed this summer, the Rewilding PhotoPoint at Alder Stream focuses on this meadow which was formerly a sand and salt site. It is located next to the Preserve’s parking area and kiosk. Native shrubs have been introduced to jump-start the rewilding process. Eventually, this site will become a forest. Visitors to Alder Stream will be able to see this transformation, and those who tune into Chronolog can also witness it.

Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve

Bill Amadon of Champlain Area Trails inaugurating the PhotoPoint at Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve.

Located in the Eastern Adirondacks of New York, Eagle Mountain was amply logged over the decades. The PhotoPoint was constructed this fall and features a swampy beaver-influenced wetland, occasionally visited and changed by beavers themselves. With help from citizen scientists and their photos from the PhotoPoint station, generations can enjoy and witness the formation of a rich wilderness.

Binney Hill and Muddy Pond also have PhotoPoints!