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Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve: New Video

Northeast Wilderness Trust is working to conserve Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve, approximately 2,721 acres at the center of the binational wildlife movement corridor, “Northern Greens to Canada.” If protected as wilderness, this land will serve as a much-needed wild core area embedded within thousands of acres of managed timberlands in northern Vermont. Experience the beauty and peace of this vast landscape in our latest video.

The project consists of two parcels that will be acquired separately. Phase I is 730 acres, while Phase II will protect approximately 1,991 adjacent acres; we anticipate protecting this land by fall of 2023. Northeast Wilderness Trust is hard at work fundraising to acquire and conserve these lands. The Wilderness Trust has $305,000 left to raise in order to permanently protect this land as wilderness. Portions of these lands are considered old forest, hosting trees over 150 years old.

The northern Green Mountains of Vermont are the wildest yet least protected area in the Northeast, according to the Staying Connected Initiative. Many conservation partners are working diligently to protect land in this wildlife corridor, but there’s still a long way to go. Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve will be one of the largest privately protected wildlands in Vermont.

Will you help protect wildlife and their homes today with a generous gift to Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve?

Photography by Jerry Monkman/Ecophotography