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Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary: New Video

Northeast Wilderness Trust is working to conserve Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary, 533 acres of mature forest in Parsonsfield, Maine that stretches from the summit of Dearborn Mountain to the shoreline of West Pond. You can experience the wild character of this forest in our new video.

The forest is older and wilder than most thanks to the Lougee family, who largely left the land to its own devices for at least three generations. Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary is embedded within the 64,542-acre Pine River Matrix Forest Block, a priority area for conservation activity.

True to its namesake, the proposed Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary is home to thick, towering oaks, along with massive white pines along West Pond’s shore. Ample fallen trees, standing dead tree trunks, and hollow stumps and logs provide denning, foraging, and nesting habitat for a variety of wildlife, including weasels, songbirds, bears, and coyote. At least nine rare or threatened understory plant species are found on the land, including Douglas’s knotweed, Back’s sedge, blunt-lobed woodsia fern, small whorled pogonia, and Fogg’s goosefoot.

Will you help protect wildlife and their homes today with a generous gift to Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary?

Photography by Jerry Monkman/Ecophotography