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Steel Addition Featured in Local News

Northeast Wilderness Trust’s initiative to secure an additional 15 acres of forever-wild land as part of the Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve is well underway. As of early November, the campaign is more than a quarter completed, with $77,000 left to raise to meet the total $108,000 to purchase and protect this land in perpetuity. To learn more about the Steel Addition to Binney Hill, click here.

Meanwhile, Binney Hill received new interpretive materials that serve to educate and engage the public in a deeper relationship to the land as it rewilds. At the center of the Preserve, where the historic Wapack Trail crosses Binney Hill Road, a new kiosk welcomes visitors and offers a beautiful timeline showing the process of a young forest maturing into eventual old-growth forest. Just further south on the Wapack is a former log landing that is making a slow transition back to a forested ecosystem. As hikers enter the meadow, a simple cedar post invites them to snap a photo with their mobile phone and upload it to Northeast Wilderness Trust’s time-lapse of the rewilding process. This crowd-sourced photo project will document the changes to the ecosystem over time, and will illustrate natural succession in a real-life scenario.

We were delighted to welcome the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript to the Preserve during the installation of Binney Hill’s new kiosk. Many thanks to the Ledger-Transcript for featuring the Steel Addition in their Environment section. You can read the full article here.