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Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth

Northeast Wilderness Trust is proud to be an initial endorser of “The Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth,” along with leading international conservation organizations such as Rewilding Europe, Tompkins Conservation, and African Parks.

The Charter masterfully articulates, at a global scale, a hopeful vision that has long been the guiding principal at Northeast Wilderness Trust—creating an interconnected system of wild habitats capable of supporting life’s full diversity and richness.

The Charter also recognizes that fulfilling such a vision—both in Northeast and for the planet—means we must take a two-pronged approach. The international conservation community must work hand-in-hand to protect the wild places that still remain, while simultaneously rewilding degraded lands and waters. With these actions coming together, there is hope that we can solve the dual existential crises of climate change and biodiversity collapse.

The Wilderness Trust celebrates and promotes rewilding as a boon for wildlife and people. The Charter outlines principals and action steps that governments, citizens, NGOs, and business can all participate in, to build a wild future for nature and a livable planet for humans.

Click here to read the Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth.