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The Wild Times: January and February

“Tomorrow, the days will get longer & the nights become shorter.

We will feel the light, & our plants will too, summoning up strength to push towards spring.

I intend to follow their lead.”


Greetings and warm February wishes. As our first email of 2024, I want to take a moment to express some genuine gratitude with you, our wild supporters, for being part of our growing collective work. With an additional 6,354 acres protected in 2023, last year was wildly successful for wilderness recovery, thanks to you. Places like Moriah Wilderness Preserve in New York and Sargent Hill Wilderness Preserve in Vermont, both protected last year, have begun their rewilding journey.

Already, in the early days of 2024, we have had some big wild wins to share. In the first week of January we purchased and protected nearly 1,900 acres in northern Vermont, formally establishing Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve. Just one week later, in southern Maine, Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary was established to protect 553 acres as forever-wild.

Looking forward, there are many exciting conservation opportunities on the horizon, including a new project, Birch Stream Wilderness Preserve. Located in central Maine, this stunning, 3,500-acre property is home to vast areas of wetlands, miles of headwater streams to the Penobscot River, and beautiful pine forest. I invite you to learn more about this important project below.

Northeast Wilderness Trust now permanently safeguards over 82,000 forever-wild acres spanning six states. Project by project, we are knitting together a network of wild places that benefit wildlife and people. I am so grateful that you choose to support this wild work.

For the wild,


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Save this Land: Maine – Birch Stream Wilderness Preserve

The Wilderness Trust is working to conserve Birch Stream Wilderness Preserve, a vast 3,500-acre property in Lagrange, Maine. The proposed preserve hosts over 2,000 acres of wetlands and nine miles of headwater streams.

Click here to learn more about Birch Stream Wilderness Preserve and ways you can support the project.

Meet Our Most Recent Preserves


Great Oaks Wilderness Sanctuary

This exemplary 553-acre Northern Hardwood Forest, with prominent old stands of red oak and eastern hemlock, reaches from the summit of Dearborn Mountain down to the shoreline of West Pond.


Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve

Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve is at the center of the binational wildlife movement corridor known as the “Northern Greens to Canada.” The Preserve stands at 2,716 acres and has significant conservation context, recognized biodiversity values, and rare mature forest.

marsh at children's woods

Children’s Woods & Carey Park

Thanks to the foresight of the Town of Jaffrey in New Hampshire, there is a new wildland close to town and accessible by many. Children’s Woods & Carey Park, at 142 acres, are now protected with a forever-wild conservation easement.

sargen hill landscape view

Sargent Hill Wilderness Preserve

Just west of the Taconic Mountains as the forested terrain begins its descent towards the Champlain Valley, newly established Sargent Hill Wilderness Preserve moves towards a wilder future. The preserve is located in an important wildlife corridor between New York and Vermont.

NEWT is Growing

woman standing next to a trailhead sign smiling

We have some big news to share about changes happening at Northeast Wilderness Trust: We are thrilled to announce that Nicie Panetta will be joining in a new role as Vice President of Advancement in March. And, the Board of Directors has promoted Jon Leibowitz to serve as Northeast Wilderness Trust’s first President and CEO. Read more about these exciting leadership changes at NEWT and the impact they will have on our mission and the pace of wilderness conservation.

NEWT in the News

New ‘forever wild’ sanctuary is piece of vital New Hampshire-Maine conservation
A newly conserved 553 acres in Maine, near the New Hampshire border, puts another piece in place of a puzzle that comprises 68,000 acres across the two states designated for conservation.

Nearly 5,000 acres permanently conserved in Vermont’s northern Greens
A block of nearly 5,000 acres of forest in the northern Green Mountains has been permanently conserved and protected from development, say three Vermont environmental groups.

Wilder News

Hazen’s Notch Conservation Trust completes first project
The Hazen’s Notch Conservation Trust completed its first project recently when it conserved a 160-acre woodland on Burnt Mountain in Montgomery.

Paws on the ground: How Colorado got it’s wolves back
“For the first time since the 1940s, the howl of wolves will officially return to western Colorado,” Gov. Jared Polis, who attended the release, announced in a statement. “The shared efforts to reintroduce wolves are just getting started.”

Southern Arizona Jaguar Video Confirms a New Cat
A wild jaguar shown in a recent trail camera video from southern Arizona is a new jaguar not previously identified in the state.

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Photography: Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve by Jerry Monkman | Birch Stream Wilderness Preserve by Ryan Smith | Great Oak’s Wilderness Sanctuary by Jerry Monkman | Bear’s Nest Wilderness Preserve by Jerry Monkman | Children’s Woods and Carey Park by Caitlin Mather | Sargent Hill Wilderness Preserve by Stephen Matter