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Explore New Trails in New York & Maine

Ready to hit the trail?

Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Ambassador Preserves in Maine and New York now have new footpaths. Visitors can experience the beauty of nature and develop a firsthand relationship with a rewilding place at both Eagle Mountain and Alder Stream Wilderness Preserves.

Celebrate Benny’s Trail with NEWT, Champlain Area Trails (CATS) & Adirondack Land Trust

On September 26 at 1:00 PM, we are celebrating the completion of Benny’s Trail, a footpath around Clear Pond that was created by CATS and their volunteers this summer. This event is currently full, but if you’d like to be added to the waitlist in case of a cancellation, please email sophi [@]

Learn more about the Benny’s Trail Celebration here.

Team Alder Stream Hike

We’re delighted to share that Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve has a new kiosk, Rewilding PhotoPoint, and a 1.8-mile loop trail. On October 16, you can join us to hike the new trail and connect with NEWT and folks local to Alder Stream who care about this place.

Learn more about this event here and email sophi [@] to RSVP with number of attendees and phone number.

What’s an Ambassador Preserve?

Like all of our preserves and sanctuaries, Ambassador Preserves prioritize the well-being of nature. What makes them different is that they educational signage and a higher number of visitors, making them perfect ‘ambassadors’ for the public to experience, witness, and fall in love with wild nature. Learn more about our Ambassador Preserves here.

The Wilderness Trust is building community groups of people who live near these Preserves and want to help keep them wild; if you’d like to get involved, email sophi [@]

Photography: Trail volunteers at Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserve by Emily Segada, NEWT Stewardship staff install a rewilding photo point at Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve, Celebration at Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve by Diane Grieco