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Shelby’s Walking for Wilderness…Again!

Last year, Shelby Perry, Stewardship Director at Northeast Wilderness Trust, walked 55 miles from Montpelier to Bridgewater, VT to raise funds for the Bramhall Wilderness Preserve. Her two-day hike ended at the Bramhall property, where the Wilderness Trust was hosting a BioBlitz to catalogue the property’s diversity of species was taking place. Shelby succeeded in raising $7,000 towards the Preserve’s protection last year.

This past April, Northeast Wilderness Trust was able to purchase the Preserve…but we are still raising funds to secure the long-term, forever-wild stewardship of this land in perpetuity. With $203,000 left to raise, Shelby is hitting the trail to Walk for Wilderness again! For every donation made to the Bramhall Wilderness Preserve between now and the end of September, Shelby will log two miles, and will send you a screenshot of her mileage plus some photos from her walk. You can contribute to this forever-wild landscape, and help Shelby meet her goal of 30 donations to the Preserve this month, by making a gift today!