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Welcoming Erin Meiman, Operations Manager

Northeast Wilderness Trust is proud to welcome Erin Meiman to the team to fill the new position of Operations Manager. Her role will bolster the Wilderness Trust’s efforts to expand and accelerate its rewilding efforts across the region through robust administrative support. Erin comes to us bringing a wealth of experience from working in a variety of non-profits.

We chatted with Erin to introduce her to the broader Northeast Wilderness Trust family.

What makes you excited to work at Northeast Wilderness Trust?

I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented and dedicated team who share the belief in the implicit importance of nature and its right to exist in a wild state.

Where was your love of nature born?

I credit a large part of my love of nature to my dad. Growing up in Ohio, we spent a lot of time outside hiking, exploring new places while looking for interesting trees, flowers and mushrooms and ALWAYS on the search for any animals. I’m pretty sure he had me out in his canoe before I could walk, so it’s not surprising I love canoeing and kayaking around the water’s shores looking for turtles. It took me a while to realize and recognize it but being out in nature is where I find calm, clarity, energy and rejuvenation. During the pandemic while living in Kentucky, my husband and I took a short trip to Red River Gorge, going on several hikes and a memorable kayak trip. It was my first time and I was overwhelmed by its pure beauty…it was truly magical!

Tell us about your career before arriving at Northeast Wilderness Trust.

I’ve spent most of my career in the arts, working for theatre, visual arts, and music non-profits in Ohio, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. Many times I was the sole administrator in the organization so I’ve had lots of experience with all aspects of operations management including finance, human resources, IT and all of the other varied needs. I find such satisfaction in ensuring that the inner workings of the organization are strong so that the programmatic staff can share the organization’s mission with the world.

My favorite past role was with the Boston College Bands program. I am a musician myself and played in band as a kid, so it was a joy to work with such talented and passionate young people.

What are some of your favorite wild creatures?

In the plant world, I love sycamore trees and forget-me-nots, and my favorite wild animals of the Northeast are turtles.