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Duren Mountain: A Haven for Wildlife

This summer, Northeast Wilderness Trust secured 184 acres in Guildhall, VT as forever-wild, thanks to a partnership with Ducks Unlimited. The new Duren Mountain Wilderness Preserve is the second Vermont property to be owned by Northeast Wilderness Trust, and complements other conserved lands along the northern reaches of the Connecticut River. The Preserve protects a large Northern White Cedar Swamp, young rewilding forestland, and a two-acre beaver pond. With this diversity of habitats and the land’s position within the landscape, it is a haven for wildlife who either make their homes on the land or travel through it, looking for food, mates, or shelter.

Prior to the conservation of the land, Ducks Unlimited set up a trail camera to understand what kinds of wildlife use this property. Take a peek below to meet our wild neighbors at Duren Mountain! In addition to the large mammals captured on camera, signs of smaller wildlife were also abundant. The beaver pond is active, and provides nesting grounds for waterfowl like black, mallard, and wood ducks. Raccoon, snowshoe hare, grouse, and other small mammals roam the forest floor.

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