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Appalachian Trail Conservancy Dedicates $60K to Redington Wilderness Sanctuary

Northeast Wilderness Trust is grateful and honored to receive the support of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy towards the 3,300-acre Redington Wilderness Sanctuary in Maine. The Conservancy supported this project through the Wild East Action Fund, which seeks to accelerate the pace of conservation within the Appalachian Trail landscape.

The soon-to-be-protected Redington Wilderness Sanctuary lies just east of the Appalachian Trail as it winds its way between Saddleback Mountain and Bigelow Preserve, in the vicinity of Rangeley, Maine. Once protected, these 3,300 acres will safeguard wild, core forest habitat within a larger region of managed woodlands. The land will not only benefit countless native species, some of which are threatened or endangered, it will also provide myriad gifts to people, including hikers on the Appalachian Trail who value a quiet, remote wilderness experience on their long trek. The work of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy makes such experiences possible, while contributing to an Eastern Wildway for nature and people. Thank you!

Thanks to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Common Stream, Sweet Water Trust, and many other private foundations and individual donors, the finish line is in sight for completing the Redington Wilderness Sanctuary! We look forward to calling this place forever-wild in the near future. To learn more about this land, click here.

Photography by Harry White