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Help Add 200 Acres to Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve

You can help protect 200 acres as forever-wild with a gift today.

Northeast Wilderness Trust is working to expand the 7,000-acre Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve in Central Maine by 200 acres, and we need your help to make it happen. Like much of Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve, the McCorrison Addition has been logged in the past. Thanks to generous supporters, and to the current owner’s plan to sell this land to the Wilderness Trust, the property has an exciting opportunity to rewild and once again grow into an old forest. This beautiful landscape includes a four-acre wetland.

The McCorrison Addition to Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve is low in elevation; the high point is just 397’ feet.  There are very few conserved, low-elevation wildlands (or Ecological Reserves, as they are called in Maine). The vast majority of wilderness conservation has protected high-elevation landscapes so far, making the McCorrison property an especially important place to protect as forever-wild.

Currently spanning more than 7,000 acres, Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve is a prime example of landscape-scale conservation. The Preserve protects part of Maine’s largest, most varied and intact freshwater wetland systems. This ecosystem is vital for many reasons. It lies within a “Species-at-risk Focus Area” of Maine’s Comprehensive Wildlife Action Plan, and the “Piscataquis-Penobscot Rivers Focus Area” of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve makes up part of an 88,000-acre forest block identified as high priority for conservation by The Nature Conservancy because of its connected, high-quality forest and wetlands.

Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve was last expanded with the purchase of the Ames Addition in early 2021, adding 267 forever-wild acres to the Preserve system.  Today, the Preserve encompasses 7,092 acres. This large-scale wildland didn’t get protected in one fell swoop; six separate campaigns since 2006 aggregated land to build this impressive Ecological Reserve. Now, you can be a part of the next step to grow this wild landscape and help rewild the Northeast.

Please help save this land with a gift today!

You may donate by credit card using the form above or by calling us at 802.224.1000 ext. 106. We also welcome donations by check, which may be mailed to Northeast Wilderness Trust, 17 State Street, Suite 302, Montpelier VT 05602. To designate your check towards this project, please write “McCorrison” in the memo line. Thank you!

Photography: McCorrison property, Joe Falconeiri | Skullcap flowers at Alder Stream, Shelby Perry