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NEWT Pledges 25,000 Acres Conserved by 2025 to

For immediate release: July 28, 2021
Contact: Jon Leibowitz, Northeast Wilderness Trust, (802) 224-1000 ext. 101 or
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Northeast Wilderness Trust pledges to protect 25,000 wilderness acres towards the Trillion Trees Initiative

Northeast Wilderness Trust has joined the U.S. Trillion Trees community with a pledge to the campaign. is a collaborative effort to protect and plant one trillion trees by 2030, in support of the U.N. Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The Wilderness Trust, a land trust working across New England and New York to protect forever-wild landscapes, has pledged to protect 25,000 wilderness acres by 2025.

The lands protected through this commitment will create wildlife corridors, allow young forests to grow old, and act as natural climate solutions by storing and sequestering immense amounts of carbon. The 25,000-acre goal is part of the Wilderness Trust’s 2020-25 Strategic Plan, and also contributes to regional initiatives such as Wildlands & Woodlands and Staying Connected Initiative.

“Northeast Wilderness Trust is pleased to bring a rewilding focus to the Trillion Trees community,” said Jon Leibowitz, Executive Director. “We applaud the efforts of the U.S. Chapter of to bring the nation’s leading conservation and forestry organizations together, and to put natural climate solutions on the map.”

Since the launch of its Strategic Plan in 2020, the Wilderness Trust has preserved 4,416 wilderness acres towards the 25,000 goal. One of the properties it protected this year is the Redington Wilderness Sanctuary in Maine. This 3,415-acre Sanctuary protects important bird habitat, 2.7 miles of streams, and critical habitat for Canada lynx. It also lies within the viewshed of the Appalachian Trail.

In its current project pipeline, the Wilderness Trust is actively working towards the conservation of 15,000 acres. These campaigns use a variety of approaches, from working with landowners, to collaborating with smaller local land trusts, to running large-scale fundraising campaigns to buy land. The Wilderness Trust is stands alongside partners such as American Forests and the World Economic Forum in the collaborative effort to protect forests, restore ecosystems, and gain ground against climate change.

“Protecting our wildlife and wild spaces is a critical component of the mission,” said Jad Daley, President and CEO of American Forests. “We’re grateful to have the Northeast Wilderness Trust join our growing community and make the US Chapter even stronger. We look forward to working together to protect the Northeast’s forever wild landscapes.”

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About Northeast Wilderness Trust | Northeast Wilderness Trust conserves forever-wild landscapes for nature and people. Founded in 2002, the Wilderness Trust works across New England and eastern New York. The Wilderness Trust owns Wilderness Preserves and Sanctuaries, and also protects land through legal means such as conservation easements. The organization currently safeguards more than 41,000 acres of wildlands in six states. Learn more at

Photography: Old Paper Birch at Redington Wilderness Sanctuary, Jon Leibowitz | Mossy forest at Redington Wilderness Sanctuary by Shelby Perry | Canopy view of Redington Wilderness Sanctuary by Harry White