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Rewilding Kiosk at Binney Hill

As one of Northeast Wilderness Trust’s four Ambassador Preserves, Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve now features a brand new kiosk to welcome wilderness wanderers, and educate the public about rewilding forests. Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve consists of 535 acres in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. Together with the Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Wapack Wilderness Easement, the Preserve protects more than a mile of the historic Wapack Trail and safeguards a critical wildlife corridor along the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border. (Learn more about our current efforts to expand this forever-wild landscape here.)

Designed by Kelly Finan and generously sponsored by the Clif Bar Family Foundation, the Rewilding Forest In Action illustration brings the viewer along a journey that takes place over decades. From left to right, a young forest with lots of sunlight and little downed wood eventually grows up over the years to become an ancient forest, with a closed canopy, lots of moss and decaying wood, and a wealth of habitat niches.

Visit Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve to view the sign in person and hike the historic Wapack Trail! Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Ambassador Preserves, which serve as gateways for the public to love and learn about wilderness in the Northeast, include Binney Hill (NH), Muddy Pond, Eagle Mountain, and Alder Stream. To view Muddy Pond’s kiosk and accompanying artwork, click here. We are looking forward to bringing kiosks to Eagle Mountain and Alder Stream in the coming year!

Many thanks to the Friends of the Wapack for their help to install this kiosk, which was handcrafted by TimberHomes Vermont.

Group photo and sign installation photo by Paul Willis