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20th Anniversary Spring Speaker Series

Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Spring Speaker Series is back again. This year, ignite your curiosity about the wild world all around us with talks themed around our 20th Anniversary motto: We Are One of Many.

Nature & Neuroscience

Join Susan Masino of Trinity College to learn how spending time in nature can profoundly affect human brains and health.

The Story of Biodiversity

Join Melina Sakiyama of Global Youth Biodiversity Network to hear the marvelous story of biodiversity, and how the well-being of our wild kin is directly related to the well-being of humanity.

Wild Animals We Thought We Knew

Join Susan Morse of Keeping Track to learn fascinating new discoveries about wildlife we thought we knew all about…but are only beginning to understand.

Talking in Circles, Speaking Another Language

Join Rich Holschuh of the Atowi Project for a place-based perspective on listening to the layers of stories embedded in the land.

Missed an event you were excited about?

All Spring Speaker Series talks are recorded and available on Northeast Wilderness Trust’s YouTube Channel.

In addition, you can watch some of the events from the 2021 Spring Speaker Series here.