Wapack Wilderness

Northeast Wilderness Trust holds a forever-wild easement on the Wapack Wilderness in southern New Hampshire, protecting 1,428 acres along the historic Wapack Trail. The land is owned by the Hampshire Country School, and the conservation easement was made possible thanks to Sweet Water Trust and many generous individual donors in 2007.

The Wapack Wilderness abuts Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve, another forever-wild block of 550 acres owned by Northeast Wilderness Trust. Together, these lands make up part of a conservation corridor defined by the Wapack Trail, which leads from Mount Watatic in Massachusetts to North Pack Monadnock in New Hampshire and includes the Watatic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Wapack Trail winds through the Wapack Wilderness for more than one mile.  The trail was established in 1923, at the same time that the Appalachian Trail was being created. From a rocky outlook on the Wapack Wilderness, a hiker may stop for a rest and look out over Binney Pond and Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve.

The Wapack Trail, in Benton’s eyes, was a microcosm of the Appalachian Trail. It included all the elements of the grander path: a rugged walk on a narrow trail through undeveloped mountain terrain…and a variety of interesting natural features along the way.

Larry Anderson, “Benton MacKaye: Conservationist, Planner, and Creator of the Appalachian Trail”

Northeast Wilderness Trust is grateful for the partnership and support of the Friends of the Wapack, who perform trail work, education, and conservation support in order to maintain the trail’s scenic and rugged character for the enjoyment of all.

Photography by Shelby Perry