Little River Wilderness Preserve

A future wilderness preserve within the Adirondack Park

Just north of the Five Ponds Wilderness Area of the Adirondack Park lies the proposed Little River Wilderness Preserve. Located in the hamlet of Star Lake, New York, this 252 acre property is defined by its vast open wetlands and other water features.

With over 70 acres of wetlands, miles of streams, and approximately a half mile of the Little River all within this property’s boundaries, Little River Wilderness Preserve supports a wide range of species who find their homes in these diverse wetland and stream habitats.

picture of a pond with a wooded background

Wetlands, streams, and more

Fortunately, this property has been left largely undisturbed for many decades, meaning that the forests and wetlands found here are in very good condition. The largest wetland on the property spans nearly 40 acres and has been left in its natural condition for over 50 years.

Over time, under Northeast Wilderness Trust’s forever-wild stewardship, these sensitive habitats will continue to grow older and wilder. On adjacent lands, pink wintergreen, a perennial wildflower threatened in New York, was identified, highlighting the ecological importance of this area as a whole.

The property’s wetlands are surrounded by stunning and diverse upland forests, which have also been left largely undisturbed for many decades. As a result, these forests are in exceptional condition, with a high canopy, many large old trees, and a diverse amount of growth from the ground to the crown of the forest.

mushroom with a bright green moss backdrop

A landscape wild, forever

With the Five Ponds Wilderness Area of the Adirondack Park located on its southern boundary, Little River Wilderness Preserve is one piece within a vast network of existing forever-wild conservation land. At 107,000+ acres, the Five Ponds Wilderness Area is one of the largest and most remote of the state-protected wildlands of the Adirondack Park. Little River Wilderness Preserve will strengthen regional habitat connections and further enhance the wild character of the state-protected lands within the Adirondack Park. Northeast Wilderness Trust’s Bear Pond Forest, an inholding within the Five Ponds Wilderness Area, is another example of how public agencies and nonprofit organizations can work together to promote wildland conservation.

Zooming out to a broader scale, Little River Wilderness Preserve falls within the Algonquin to Adirondacks (A2A) wildlife corridor. Connecting the significant conservation lands in the Adirondack Park of New York and the Algonquin Park of Ontario, the corridor has been recognized as one of few remaining large-scale habitat linkages in the East.

The A2A is vital for the movement of wide-ranging species such as moose and many songbirds. Due to its profound importance as one of the key wildlife corridors in the Northeast, the A2A region has been identified as a priority for the Wilderness Trust’s conservation work.

Little River Wilderness Preserve at a glance

Map of Little River

Size: Approx. 252 acres

Context: Situated adjacent to the the northern edge of the 107,000+ Five Ponds Wilderness, which is known for being one of the most remote and wild parts of the Adirondack Park, NEWT’s acquisition of Little River would expand the contiguous acreage protected as forever-wild.

Location: Star Lake, St. Lawrence County, New York

Objective: Forever-wild ecological preserve with high biodiversity.

image of a rocky outcropping with moss and plants

Little River Wilderness Preserve needs your help

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This unique, low-elevation habitat will only prove more valuable over time as resilient forever-wild landscapes adapt to climate change. You can help by:

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