Woodbury Mountain BioBlitz

Become a nature detective and a citizen scientist by participating in the Woodbury Mountain BioBlitz from August 2023 through July 2024.

Children’s Woods & Carey Park Easement: Wilderness within reach

“Each town should have a park, or rather a primitive forest of five hundred or a thousand acres, where a stick should never be cut for fuel, a common possession forever, for instruction and recreation.” Henry David Thoreau, Journal. October 15, 1859

NEWTS from the Field: Ecology program hosts Bioblitz events

Bioblitz events bring community together to explore and learn about our wild neighbors

Woodbury Mountain BioBlitz: September Events

Get curious about turtles, amphibians, and late season pollinators with Northeast Wilderness Trust at two events on the land this fall.

New Poem Inspired by Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve

Written by Kathleen Kremins, “Syncopations” explores the sounds and sights of Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve through luscious, sensitive verse.

A photo of a forest in the wintertime with snow on the ground.

Six New Poems by Sean Prentiss, Inspired by Woodbury Mountain Wilderness Preserve

Poet Sean Prentiss examines Woodbury Mountain Wilderness Preserve through poetic verse with a depth and wisdom that are at times bold, at times calm and lyrical.

New Heights in Stewardship: A Year In Review

When the Wilderness Trust protects a place, the work has just begun for our Stewardship team who care for these wild Preserves, Sanctuaries, and easements.

20 Years of Wild

Happy 20th Birthday! Northeast Wilderness Trust is celebration 20 years of wild with the theme “We Are One of Many”