A photo of canopy and a mountanous horizon in Woodbury Mountain Wilderness Preserve at sunrise.

New Heights in Stewardship: A Year In Review

When the Wilderness Trust protects a place, the work has just begun for our Stewardship team who care for these wild Preserves, Sanctuaries, and easements.

20 Years of Wild

Happy 20th Birthday! Northeast Wilderness Trust is celebration 20 years of wild with the theme “We Are One of Many”

Guardians of the Land

Visit Maine, Massachusetts, and more vicariously through the eyes of our stewardship team.

2021: A Year to Celebrate

2021 saw plenty of good news for rewilding the Northeast. Take a peek at the wilderness wins of the past year.

Two New Rewilding Photo Points

New Rewilding PhotoPoints at Alder Stream and Eagle Mountain allow visitors to engage in rewilding by documenting ecosystem changes over time.

Writing the Land Book

Writing the Land 2021 is now available for order! This collection of poems about conserved lands features Northeast Wilderness Trust’s four Ambassador Preserves.

Explore New Trails in New York & Maine

Alder Stream & Eagle Mountain Wilderness Preserves have new trails. Join us to celebrate and explore!

Ambassador Preserves: Places to Rewild the Mind

Our Ambassador Preserves are representative wilderness landscapes, where people can witness and connect with the beauty of wild nature and the science of rewilding.

Join Team Muddy at our Inaugural Hike

Team Muddy will be a community of citizens dedicated to the preservation of Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve. Join us for to hike the land this summer!

Collaboration with Native Land Conservancy Unfolds

Northeast Wilderness Trust and Native Land Conservancy announce a partnership centered around Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve in southeastern Massachusetts, homeland of the Wampanoag Tribe.